Sexual Violence and Oppression

Framing Our Work Using the Sexual Violence Continuum

Signs of Hope is committed to challenging all forms of oppression in our community – including racism. We join all who are grieving George Floyd and countless others, whose lives matter and were cut tragically short. We raise our voices with all those advocating for justice and change in our country. We know that our systems often fail to serve victims of sexual violence in the same ways they often fail to serve Black communities – focusing on victim blaming instead of holding perpetrators accountable for their choices and actions. We recognize that many of the SOH’s family, our staff members, volunteers, and those we serve, are impacted by these protests and the injustices that have been brought to the forefront. We acknowledge that images and stories of violence and injustice may be triggering for survivors of sexual violence and exploitation, bringing to mind their own trauma.

SOH is dedicated to our mission of offering Hope, Help, and Healing to all members of our community, especially to those who are marginalized and disenfranchised. If you are in need of support, please reach out to us on our 24 hour hotline: 702-366-1640 or

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