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24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline: 702-936-4004



Preparing to teach about Violence Prevention

This 1.5 – 3 hour training program is designed to assist K-12 School Staff and Administration in effectively preparing to teach Personal Safety and Violence Prevention in accordance with the Department of Education Health Standards.…

Care for Kids

The target audience for Care for Kids are students in Pre-K – 2nd Grade. Each module lasts 30 minutes. Care for Kids is a developmentally targeted, trauma-informed abuse prevention program for pre-school and elementary school…

Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP)

This program is offered in elementary schools with a target audience of 1st-3rd Graders. The program lasts approximately 90 minutes. This interactive workshop includes teaching children their rights to be safe from all harm.  Students…

We Care Elementary

The intended audience for the program is students in 3rd-6th Grades. Each module is 30 minutes in length. We Care Elementary is a developmentally targeted, trauma-informed sexual abuse prevention program for elementary school communities.  We…

YourSPACE Middle School

The intended audience for this program is 8th Grade students. The program includes 5 – 50 minute class sessions. The YourSPACE Program focuses on educating and empowering youth to understand and recognize the hallmarks of…

YourSPACE High School

The target audience for this program is students in 9th-12th grade. This program occurs over the course of four-five 50 minute classes (5th class is optional). The YourSPACE Program focuses on educating and empowering youth…

Sexual Assault 101 *Also available in Spanish

This 1 – 1.5 hour training is available to general community members, and is great for college students, parent groups, religious institutions, and others. This introductory presentation helps attendees understand the nature and scope of…

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