24/7 Rape Crisis Hotline: 702-366-1640
24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline: 702-936-4004


Individual Counseling

Appointments for counseling are available 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, morning through evening. Counseling is for anyone who has been impacted by sexual assault or sexual abuse at any point in their lifespan. There is generally a waiting list to see a counselor. Prior to beginning counseling, an intake will be done with an advocate to assure that clients are aware of all services and to determine the best possible fit with one of our counselors for each individual. Intake appointments can be made at any time, even if there is a wait time to receive counseling services. To schedule your intake appointment, call 702-385-2153.

Group Support

If you are interested in attending one of our many support group options, please attend a counseling orientation on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm. The orientation allows you to speak with a licensed counselor to assess your particular interests and the best fit for groups or individual counseling at Signs of Hope, or possibly with other community providers.

Holistic Healing

For those interested in non-traditional therapeutic support, we offer weekly trauma informed yoga through partners Yoga Haven on Tuesdays at 4:45 pm. In addition, we offer periodic Holistic Healing series that covers therapeutic movement, mindfulness and meditation, healthy eating, and numerous other topics. Please see the website for the Holistic Healing series dates and topics.

Counseling Resources

Please check out these web based resources that may assist you with support and information to use at home, when feeling anxious or struggling in other ways.
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