SOH’s Response to COVID-19 Crisis

At this challenging time, Signs of Hope is fully dedicated to our mission to serve the community – all those impacted by sexual violence and exploitation. Therefore, we are maintaining our 24/7 crisis response, advocacy, and counseling services, including small group support as possible, during the current situation.  Our offices are open for regular business and our hotline is always available at  702-366-1640. 
We are being responsive and responsible to the social distancing and hygiene concerns of the current crisis by eliminating non-essential gatherings and meetings, maintaining safe environments, and offering vulnerable individuals alternative service options. We are offering remote work options as is practical. 
We understand that our clients are even more vulnerable in the current situation, and that crises like the one we currently face can exacerbate the anxieties and trauma from which are our clients are working to heal. We are treating our counseling services as essential medical services, and will keep these available on an in-person basis as much as possible and based on guidance and direction from public health officials. As things are changing rapidly, we ask that clients call to confirm on the day of appointments and groups. We continue to be a place of hope, help and healing, and wish everyone good health, patience, and kindness at this unprecedented moment. 

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