Individual Counseling

The center serves survivors of sexual abuse and assault ages 3 and older. We serve all survivors – all gender identities, all ages, all races and ethnicities, providing services in English and Spanish. Individuals may receive counseling whether the assault or abuse occurred days or decades ago, and regardless of whether or not the incident was ever reported to law enforcement. 

All of our counselors are licensed clinicians and clinical interns, specially trained to work with survivors of sexual violence. Our counselors have various areas of expertise, and populations of survivors that they may specialize in working with, including younger children, teens, male survivors, and others. After completing the counseling intake and orientation, we will attempt to connect you with a therapist who is well matched for you and your individual needs.  Counseling is available at no cost to clients, and without billing to insurance.

Appointments are available 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, morning through evening. There is generally a waiting list to see a counselor. The ability to get clients in for counseling services will depend in largely on the flexibility of schedule and fit with one or more counselors.

In the intake appointment we will review all of the services available so you are aware of all services and connect you to everything that is a good fit for your needs and situation. Intake appointments can be made at any time, even if there is a wait time to receive counseling services. Completing the intake in advance is helpful, so that if there are openings at the last minute, we can reach out to those who have completed an intake already. To schedule your intake appointment, call 702-385-2153.

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