Prevention & Education Survey

Please help us learn more about attitudes and backgrounds of what you think and how you have gotten information about health and safety in your life. Please complete the following survey: SurveyLink
We are particularly interested in hearing from young persons of color.

Signs of Hope offers multiple programs, campaigns, presentations, and curricula designed to bring greater awareness and education about:

  • The need for tools and resources for teens and young adults: We provide information to help empower young people with information and resources to make healthy decisions. Programs help them to understand the impact of depictions of sexual violence in media and culture, as well as to understand the role alcohol and drugs play in sexual assault, particularly in “party” situations.
  • Issues surrounding sexual assault: We address misconceptions, answer questions that people often have and may be afraid to ask, and provide some basic statistical information about sexual assault in our community.
  • Presentations and educational programs are available at no cost to the organization or school. We have presentations appropriate for a wide variety of audiences and age groups.
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