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Creating a Culture of Prevention In the Hospitality Industry

Party Smart started out as a public awareness campaign to provide basic safety tips to local and visiting party goers on the Strip. Over time, as new research and best practices for violence prevention became available, Party Smart shifted to educating the public about active bystander intervention. A few years ago, that public education turned into structured training in bystander intervention for staff at bars and nightclubs. Today, Party Smart encompasses both the Stay SAFE (Sex Assault Free Environments) and SAint (Sexual Assault Intervention) trainings. In partnership with LVMPD Crime…

Setting Boundaries During a Complicated Holiday Season

Setting Boundaries During a Complicated Holiday Season

Usually around this time of year, we return to the discussion about setting boundaries. Under normal circumstances, the end of the year is a time for holiday celebrations that bring many of us together with friends and family. It’s a time that can be fraught for everyone, not just survivors, and we know that a regular review of how to set and communicate boundaries with our loved ones is helpful in navigating situations of family obligation. But 2020 isn’t normal for any of us. Instead of the usual family tensions…

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