The Rape Crisis Center has great opportunities for community members to get involved.  Because of the sensitive nature of our work, most volunteer positions do involve significant training.  If you are a caring, committed and professional individual who is interested in giving back to our community in this critical way, we encourage you to think about becoming an advocate with The Rape Crisis Center.

The Rape Crisis Center is currently accepting applications!

Please click here to complete our volunteer application.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the online application linked here, or call our office at 702-385-2153. Advocate trainings are held in the spring and fall each year, with the next one beginning in mid-September, 2015. You may submit a volunteer application at any time and we will contact you before the next available training class for an interview. The training is 50 hours, and volunteers must be able to successfully complete a criminal background check, drug test, and have up to date immunizations.  We ask that volunteers who complete the training commit to 6 hours weekly of volunteer time for a minimum of 6 months.

While an intense process, the RCC advocate training is well regarded in the community and will provide volunteers with a great background in community resources.  The training and volunteer work with RCC is a wonderful professional development experience, particularly for those who may be interested in moving into victim services, counseling, or social services as a career.

The Rape Crisis Center could not do what we do without our volunteers! 


It is our volunteer corps that is responsible for answering our hotline 24/7, as well as responding to victims at the hospital.  While this job is not for everyone, those who do volunteer with us feel a profound sense of pride and satisfaction in what they do, knowing that they are providing a service to someone who is at such a challenging and vulnerable time in their life.

“I wanted to commit my life to something I believe in, where I can make a difference.” – RCC Volunteer


We commit to offering help, hope, and healing to those affected by sexual violence. We provide education, awareness and support as far as our arms can reach.

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