The Rape Crisis Center was founded in 1974 as Community Action Against Rape with the goal of supporting victims of sexual assault within Clark County, NV.  Today, our mission is to provide help, hope and healing to those affected by sexual violence.  We provide education, awareness and support as far as our arms can reach.

All Services of the RCC
are Free to Victims

Crisis Response:

Through a dedicated group of staff and volunteers, we provide emergency response and victim assistance through our 24-hour hotline and in-person response at the hospital, supporting victims and families through the difficult hours immediately following the assault and anytime they have questions or need information.

Counseling and Support:

Whether assault or abuse happened a week ago, or decades ago, counseling assistance is available. Weekly support groups, as well as individual therapy sessions for survivors and members of their support system are available to help work through the trauma and move forward in hope and healing in our Signs of Hope Counseling Center, sponsored by the Nevada Women’s Philanthropy.

Court Advocacy:

Long-term advocacy is available to keep victims updated throughout the court process, helping clients navigate the complex and often confusing legal system.  Services include accompanying clients in court proceedings and assisting with other needs as they go through what can be a very lengthy legal process to bring perpetrators to justice.  Advocates are also available to accompany survivors and family members to parole and probation hearings, even many years after the assault.  Survivors have rights throughout the court process, and our advocates can help with understanding those rights and remedies available to victims of crime.

Education and Outreach:

We work to prevent sexual assault through education and community outreach.  Programs include the Child Assault Prevention Program for elementary aged children, Your SPACE for teens and Party Smart for young adults.  In addition, general community outreach and awareness during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April), at health fairs, and at other events throughout the year raise awareness of sexual assault as an issue in our community, and aim to reduce the number of people affected by sexual assault and make sure survivors of sexual abuse and assault are aware of resources and support in the community.

Welcome to the TeenSPACE Blog

This is where you can hear the youth perspective on violence (and prevention!) and submit your own point of view too. If you would like to submit a post to our blog, please email gabrielle@rcclv.org The content of this blog is written by interns of the TeenSPACE […]

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More Trained Volunteers Needed to Meet Growing Demand

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We commit to offering help, hope, and healing to those affected by sexual violence. We provide education, awareness and support as far as our arms can reach.



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